United Center Parking and Public Transportation Options!

The United Center seats 20,500 of the best fans in the world, but surprisingly there are only 6,000 ‘Official Parking Spaces’ outside the arena.  Luckily SpotHero has some United Center Parking alternatives for you!

For Drivers:

1) Free United Center Street Parking

Pros: It’s Free!  Check our Free United Center Street Parking Map

Cons: It’s not the safest neighborhood, so be aware that it’s all at your own risk

2) Discounted United Center Parking

Pros: You can enter and exit the lot in only a few minutes.  Cheaper than the ‘Official Parking‘ and you can even reserve an In & Out spot a block from the stadium!  Check out all of our United Center Parking options.  And you can even reserve your discounted parking spot today through SpotHero

Cons: You won’t have as much car space as the ‘Official Parking’ but that’s primarily for the large SUV and Truck owners

3) Official United Center Parking

Pros: Big spots, close to stadium

Cons: Very long wait times to exit (up to 30 min after a game to leave the lot) and it’s a lot more expensive than next door options.

Public Transportation:

The 20 – Madison OWL Bus comes every 4-8 minutes to and from the stadium.  It goes straight down Madison all the way East to the Red Line and West all the way to Austin.

The 50 – Damen Bus comes every 11-12 minutes to and from the stadium.  The Damen Bus goes North and South from the stadium.  You can ride it as far south as the 35th and Archer Orange Line OR you can ride it as far north as the Damen Brown Line

Hopefully this helps make your next trip down to the United Center a total blast!