Updated – Luna Carpet Man is Acquitted of Ticket

Remember Scott Larsen, the unlucky guy who got a parking ticket while he was feeding the parking meter downtown?  They city saw the video posted by NBC that documented the ticket being issued and they seem to have come to action.  According to The Expired Meter, the city threw out the ticket within 24 hours of the video being posted.

Hearing this story makes me extremely happy.  I can understand how upset Mr. Larsen was as I have come across my own fair share of parking tickets.   By having the news covering these stories, we are helping to get back to fair parking enforcement.

I can imagine that his situation is not the only one, as there have been a proliferation of city meter maids patrolling the streets since the new parking rates went into affect.  The next time you are in the loop, pay careful attention to the streets.  You will notice that there is at least one parking monitor surveying every major street at all times.