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Walter E Washington Convention Center Parking Guide

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walter e washington convention centerLocated right smack at the heart of the nation’s capital, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center handles events of varying sizes, including the inaugural ball of George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. While Walter E Washington Convention Center may have space fit for a king or presidents, in this instance, finding a DC Convention Center parking area could be such a pain in the neck.But before you get all worked up on this, SpotHero has a great fix to this dilemma.


Unless you’re driving a courier or company vehicle for shipments to the show site at the center, you’d best come prepared and get a rundown on available parking areas within the vicinity. Public parking is not available inside the building so you’re pretty much on your own when looking for a good parking spot.

Walter E Washington Parking Areas

While there’s a lot to be desired with the convention center’s parking arrangement, dwelling on that won’t help a bit. On a brighter note, there are more than 3,000 parking spaces within a three block radius of the center. With parking rates ranging from $5 – $46, exercising due diligence and comparing rates on Walter E Washington Convention Center parking have its rewards. In addition, these parking spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis so diligent drivers will most likely get the best parking spot.

Disability Parking

In line with its commitment to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities, twelve parking spots are designated for individuals with vehicles having the disability parking permits/placards or license tags. Three metered spaces are available on 7th Street between Mt. Vernon Place and L Street, while 9 metered spaces are available on 9th Street. Though these spaces are easily accessed at the sidewalk side, they don’t have the mark for wheelchair transfer. These are public parking spots and therefore, available on a first come, first serve basis.

While 3,000 parking spots may seem like a lot, a major event could snatch up all the available spots within minutes. You could end up waiting for hours just to find a vacant parking space. If you want to save yourself from that horrendous scenario, be sure to check out available parking near Walter E Washington Convention Center beforehand. Going prepared sure beats waiting.