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washington dc parkingSpotHero eases the pain of looking for a convenient parking spot by giving you a full rundown of all available parking garages in Washington, D.C. As with any major cities, parking in Washington, D.C. can one big ordeal if you don’t come prepared. But by browsing through the different options available for you, you have the luxury of choosing the most convenient spot at the lowest price. Just when you think looking for a good parking spot in a busy city is a tedious process, a quick look at SpotHero’s page on Washington, D.C.’s available parking space will prove you wrong.

The capital of the United States and home of many museums, galleries, and tourist landmarks, Washington, D.C. is abuzz with many activities all year-round. Just to give you an idea, consider this fact: The Lincoln Memorial alone had more than six million visitors annually. In addition to that, The Smithsonian Institution operates the National Zoo and 19 museums in the city. Since the government funds the Smithsonian Institution, these museums are open to the public for free.

Free is always a good thing; if only looking for parking spots isn’t such a big deal in this city. But fact is, you’ll be competing with those millions of tourists who are flocking to most likely the same neighborhood. You know, those popular areas like the Lincoln Memorial, Verizon Center, National Air & Space Museum, Kennedy Center, Georgetown, and National Mall.


That’s not even mentioning the thousands of shops, restaurants, hotels, parks, and stadiums strewn all over the city, plus the millions of businessmen convening in the nation’s capital. For sure, it cannot get busier than this.

The only consolation is that there are many Washington, D.C. parking garages and lots all over the city. Many of these parking garages are found close to most visited places in D.C. But even all those thousands of parking spots can get easily get filled up in an instant. The proportion is just that dismal; even the government encourages people to take public transportation.

That’s why smart car owners book their parking spot in advance. There’s nothing like the feeling of knowing you have a definite place to park your car in the midst of the bustling city. It surely is better than circling around different neighborhood, hoping to heaven there’s still some vacant spot somewhere near your destination where you can park your car. Simple diligence can take care of all that.

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Technology exists to make the modern man’s life simpler. Lucky for you, SpotHero’s got the technology to make it even easier for people who are always on the go book their parking spot. You can download the free mobile app at Google Play for your Android phone or iTunes for iPhone. And just like that, you can prepay for a spot in one of Washington, D.C.’s many parking garages.

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