Waze & SpotHero Partner to Help Drivers Find Parking Faster

Hit the road – and enjoy the ride! We’re all revved up about our new partnership with Waze that allows SpotHero users to book parking and then “Navigate with Waze” straight to their destination.

How does it work?

This feature is a result of featherweight app integration powered by SpotHero’s mobility platform. It lets SpotHero users who have downloaded Waze to hop back and forth between our apps. When you’re in the SpotHero app, clicking the “Navigate with Waze” button opens Waze directions to the address of your parking reservation.

Book your spot, tap a button, and boom! – you’re on the fastest route.

What does this mean for customers, parking operators, & cities?

Unifying parking and navigation in one user experience means that customers don’t need to manually enter the address of their parking facility into Waze and then fiddle with their phone to reopen SpotHero when they arrive. It also cuts back on their travel time because they know exactly where to bank their car and the best way to get there.

SpotHero’s network of parking operator partners in 300+ cities in the USA & Canada benefit, too, because part of putting parking’s best foot forward means proving to customers that driving is the most convenient and efficient way to get to where they want to end up.

Parking + Navigation = Less Congestion

Waze is on a mission to eliminate traffic, and we’re right there with them.

By getting drivers to their spots faster, with traffic and road closures automatically factored into the journey, SpotHero and Waze are cutting back on travel time – and, in the bigger picture, urban congestion.

It’s posited that 30% of downtown traffic is caused by people circling with their eyes peeled for a place to park. And as more mobility methods hit the streets and urban populations keep ballooning, it’s clear that the chaos in our streets, if left uncurbed, is only going to get worse.

Driving isn’t the best option for getting from A to B in every situation. But when customers want the flexibility, convenience, and control of being behind the wheel, empowering them to lock in a space with SpotHero and one-click navigate there with Waze gets them on and off the road faster.

Check out the official press announcement here.