When Should I Use My Business Profile?

SpotHero has tons of solutions to tackle all of your parking woes. Whether you’re parking near the airport, at a baseball game, or making the daily commute to work, we’ve got you covered. There’s an easy way to separate your leisure parking from parking for work – and we’re here to tell you how!

Our SpotHero for Business solutions can simplify parking near the office for both employers and employees. Check out how to use a business profile, explore commuter benefits, and walk through your options to see what’s right for you.

Business Profiles

SpotHero Business Profiles are a great tool to help employees separate payments that may be reimbursed or expensed by their employer. Business Profiles keep payment methods separate, and make sure you charge the right card every time. You can also add memos and automate receipt forwarding, so you’ll never forget again!

SpotHero for Business integrates with Concur, Expensify, Certify, or Chrome River, which helps employers automate reimbursement and make expense reporting simple!

Commuter Benefits

Employers are looking to offer corporate solutions to their employees to make getting to work a little easier. Employees paying out-of-pocket can use their commuter benefits card to use pre-tax dollars on parking near work or near a public transit that takes you to the office.

Employees’ pre-tax benefits card will automatically apply for purchases within one mile of their work address. These pre-tax benefits can be used on both daily commutes or on monthly garages – making it simple to know exactly where you’re going to park for work each day.

SpotHero partners with WageWorks, TransitChek, Ameriflex, Navia, Beniversal and eTRAC.

Personal Profile

Headed somewhere besides the office? Check out parking all across North America with over 7,000 locations on the SpotHero app! Use your personal SpotHero profile to find parking near the airport, a concert venue, a neighborhood, or even a hotel. With a few clicks, you’ll be on your way!