Where is Wrigley Field?

Where is Wrigley Field Located?

Wrigley Field is located at 1060 W. Addison Chicago, IL 60613.

Wrigley Field is located in the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview, but the immediate area surrounding the baseball park, is called Wrigleyville.  Clark Street borders Wrigley Field to the west, Waveland to the North, Addison to the South, and Sheffield to the East.  Home of the Chicago Cubs, you can go to a Cubs game or the occasional concert.

There are many Wrigley Rooftops on Sheffield and Waveland that border Wrigley Field.  You can get a ticket at one of these if you want to be able to watch the game and have a different experience.  Many of the ticket prices at these rooftops include food and drink.  See each one for details.  If you to to find parking at Wrigley Field, you can reserve your parking ahead of time and guarantee your spot.  Click to Reserve Wrigley Field Parking.