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Wrigley Field Parking: Your 2022 Guide to Parking for Cubs Games, Concerts & More

Here at SpotHero, we’ve got your Wrigley Field parking needs covered, whether it’s parking for a Chicago Cubs game or any of this summer’s other events, including Concerts at Wrigley Field and the Race to Wrigley 5K.

Here’s what you need to know to park with ease!

Wrigley Field Parking 101

There are dozens of Wrigley Field parking lots and garages within just a few blocks of the ballpark. If convenience is your biggest priority, it’s easy to find parking close to Wrigley. This strategy may be your best bet if you’re driving into Chicago from out of town. Not surprisingly, the closer you are to Wrigley Field, the more you can expect to pay for parking.

Thanks to parking reservation apps like SpotHero, you can search for parking spots near Wrigley, compare prices, and reserve your spot ahead of time. Download the SpotHero app on iOS or Android for easy booking.

Park within a mile + walk

Not sure if parking close to the stadium is the right option for you? There are also a lot of parking spots within a mile of Wrigley Field. Not only are these spots less expensive, but you can avoid sitting in traffic near the ballpark before and after the game or event. If you don’t mind a 10-20 minute walk, it could ultimately save you time and money on Wrigley Field parking.

Park near the L train

Wrigley Field is practically across the street from the L train’s Addison stop on the CTA red line. Consider parking near an L train station just a few stops away and taking the red line to Wrigley. This is another great way to avoid traffic and save money on Wrigley Field parking.

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