wrigley field

Wrigley Renovations

100 Years in the Making

Earlier this week the Chicago Cubs finalized a $500 million renovation plan for Wrigley Field. The renovations will include updated concessions, bathrooms, a new restaurant, outdoor patios, a new team store and much more. Renovation talks have heated up the past few years, and aside from some Wrigley Rooftop owners there is little feedback thanks to the Rickets fitting most of the bill.  

The Parking Plan

As we all know, parking around Wrigley Field comes at a premium, and there is not much of it to go round. While the parking options still seem to stay the same with this new plan (majority of parking is off-site, with shuttle service available) there are talks of an additional parking structure adjacent to the stadium, and also across the street replacing the Taco Bell. 

The proposed parking lot near the Taco Bell would bring an additional 300+ spots to the parking dessert that is Wrigleyvile. The residences of the neighborhood are not big fans of the garage ideas. Along with the parking garage there are talks about adding a hotel in the area that would be 75+ parking spots. 

Reserve the old fashioned way

No matter what the Cubs, or the city of Chicago decides with the proposed parking structures and hotel in Wrigleyville, SpotHero will be there with parking available for all Wrigleyville events! We work with individual sellers to bring you the closest and best deals on parking for Wrigley Field. 

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