Your Ultimate Guide to Thrifting Tips

Interested in thrifting? Whether you’re a bargaining beginner or you’re a seasoned shopper, thrifting can be a fun way to score deals, shop sustainably, and find one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t buy anywhere else. Here are a few of our top tips to ensure you have the best experience hunting for your next big find!

Make a list— and check it twice!

We know what you’re thinking—”thrift store inventory can be unpredictable, why make a list”? To help you focus of course! Spend some time making a list of your desired items and good alternatives before you hit the store. It’s a good idea to go in knowing what your wants and needs are so you know what to keep an eye out for, and what to look for if you can’t find your first choice. Most importantly, a list can help cut down on impulse purchases!

Consider a wider radius

Finding the perfect thrift store for your needs can take some effort on your part, and the best places for you to go may not be where you think. Often stores in large cities receive too many donations to sell, so items are distributed to other stores in smaller communities. It may be worth checking out places farther away from you before heading to places closer to home.

Day of the week matters!

Routine thrifters all have one thing in common: they never thrift on a weekend! Oftentimes, thrift stores are a lot busier on weekends, and their items are picked over. If you can, avoid the weekend rush and hit up stores on weekdays. The best days to hit a thrift store can vary depending on the location. Generally, it’s a good idea to shop on Mondays, when discounts on unsold items are frequently rolled out, or Wednesdays, when the most new inventory becomes available. You’ll come away with a better haul and you’ll avoid the mad dash to the register!

Make friends with staff

If you’re newer to thrifting and looking to get better at scoring deals, then the greatest weapon in your thrifting arsenal are the store employees! Many thrift store employees are thrifters themselves, so introduce yourself! They will have valuable information about their store, such as when markdowns are scheduled, and often they can help guide you to other locations if there’s something you’re looking for.

Happy thrifting!