How to Change Your SpotHero Reservation Times

We understand that plans can change quickly. The good news is your SpotHero reservation can change, too—even after you’ve made it. Here is how to extend your SpotHero reservation if you need more time!

  1. Pull up your Parking Pass. You can do this in the “reservations” tab of the app or the website, or through the confirmation email you received when you reserved your spot.
  2. On your Parking Pass, find your reservation end time—this should be near the top, and will say “exit before” along with the date and time your reservation ends.
  3. Select “change” next to your reservation end time, select the time to which you would like to extend the reservation from the dropdown menu, and then hit “check availability.” 
  4. If applicable, you will be asked to review your reservation details, including the updated times and any additional fees.
  5. If everything looks good, select “update reservation.” Then, you’re done! You should see the change reflected on your reservation immediately, and receive an email confirming your reservation has been updated.

Be aware that reservations cannot be extended after the end time, so be sure to do this before your reservation ends!

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