how to change spothero reservation

How to Change Your SpotHero Reservation

Need to make a change to your SpotHero reservation? We’ve got you covered!


We get it. Plans can change quickly.  The good news is your SpotHero reservation can change, too–even after you’ve made it. We’re here to walk you through some of the options you have to change your SpotHero reservation and make it work for you!

Can I Extend My SpotHero Reservation?

Yes, it’s easy to extend your SpotHero parking reservation right from the app. Simply hit “extend parking” on your SpotHero parking pass and choose a new end time. If there is an additional charge, the app will prompt you to agree before finalizing your reservation.

So there’s no need to skip that after-dinner coffee. SpotHero reservations are made to work for your life. They can be extended to last as long as your night takes you!

how to extend spothero reservation


How Do I Change a License Plate on My SpotHero Reservation?

Just because you’ve decided to take a different car is no reason to cancel your SpotHero reservation. You can easily change the license plate on your pass by hitting “change” right on your parking pass. The new license plate shows up immediately!

how to change license plate on spothero reservation


How Do I Cancel My SpotHero Reservation?

Sometimes even the best planned days hit a snag. The good news is you can cancel your SpotHero reservation on your own up until the moment it begins. Here’s how:

Click “edit” on your SpotHero reservation in the app or online, and you will be given the choice to cancel. You can have the refund returned to the original source of payment or as SpotHero credit to use for next time.

SpotHero credit never expires and applies automatically to your next reservation, making your next check-out even easier than normal. You can learn more about canceling your SpotHero reservation here.




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How to Cancel Your SpotHero Reservation


We understand the need for flexibility in your life, and SpotHero is here to offer flexibility in your parking. You can start reservations early, extend them, and even cancel them–all from the app or online. Whatever you need to do, SpotHero is here for you!

If you still have questions, give us a call at 844-324-7768 or email us at Our customer heroes are available 6am-11pm CST any day of the week and are happy to help!