Chicago Man Is Ticketed While Paying for Spot

As many of you know by now, there has been a lot of commotion regarding the increase in parking meter rates in the City of Chicago.  Recently, a few key Chicago Mayoral candidates made their thoughts public on the situation.  There is no consensus on the best way to handle the issue however, this is sure to be a hot topic for all candidates in the upcoming election.  While candidates spend time arguing, it is the Chicago residents who are feeling the cold shoulder from City of Chicago parking meters.

I came across a video yesterday of a man being interviewed regarding the new rates.   The video depicts a middle aged man who is feeding quarters into a parking meter machine.  Unbelievably, the man gets a ticket a while he is paying for his parking spot The meter maid admits to seeing the man feed the meter, but she decides to give him a ticket anyway.  Could she have at least given him the heads up?  Or possibly held off for one second so the man could put his sticker on his dashboard?  The answer is a resounding NO.

I have a problem with this because it is obvious that there is no common courtesy being showed.  The meter maid is hitting her quota for the day, and she didn’t even give the guy a chance.   Her actions were rude, predatory, and disgusting.   If you see this action happening, take a stand.  Pull out your SmartPhone and start recording what you see.  If you don’t have a SmartPhone, take a picture or write yourself a message, anything that can help make light of this type of situation.  Let us know what you find and we will fight for you.  Together we can make a change.

2 responses to “Chicago Man Is Ticketed While Paying for Spot”

  1. Bob Avatar

    I frequently go into the Loop, downtown, near north neighborhoods, especially on weekends. I walked from Union Station to North Dearborn (not during a snow event) on Wacker Drive. Not one ticket was in sight for the entire 1.5 mile walk. Let’s play fair. If weekends, or 24 hour enforcement are the rule, let’s enforce. It’s not a money grab situation. We pay for our mistakes: library fines, no registration, late taxes, missing a 25% sale by one day.

    The BIGGEST source of lost revenue in Chicago might very well be parking enforcement. I don’t advocate nor expect parking enforcement to stand by every car. But I have seen ticket opportunities overlooked. One example would be weekdays on Hubbard. The meter reader just walks by. I think I might start videotaping…

  2. adminspot Avatar


    You bring up a very good point. The city could be making parking enforcement event more strict. I agree when you say that we are responsible for “our own mistakes” and I’m fully willing to accept that blame when it is my fault.

    In this situation however, the meter maid took it a little too far. There is a difference between doing your job and preying for any open opportunity possible. Those situations are unacceptable, and unnecessary