Parking at the 2024 Democratic National Convention

Heading to the 2024 Democratic National Committee Convention in Chicago? Here’s everything you need to know to park with ease.


The Democratic National Convention will take place from Monday, August 19 to Thursday, August 22, 2024. The primary location will be at the United Center, with daytime events at McCormick Place. Some events will not be announced immediately for security reasons.

Traveling Around Chicago During the Convention

With an estimated 7,000 attendees and approximately 30 hotels around Chicago participating, heightened security will be in place. Plan to add extra travel time, especially if driving. Expect unannounced road closures in the area around the convention’s main locations, as well as reroutes on public transit and station closures. Unexpected events may also occur that can cause changes in traffic patterns. We would recommend avoiding the Loop and the Near West Side, if possible.

Parking During the DNC Convention

Expect street parking to be limited and in very high demand during this period. If you are heading into the area where some of the large events will be taking place, we would recommend searching for parking in less in-demand areas, and then walking or taking public transportation to your destination.

You can learn more about the United Center here.

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