Grush Hour A Refreshing Perspective on Congestion Management

Grush Hour is a parking blog written by Ben Grush Founder of Skymeter Corp.  They offer an interesting parking service which allows for the convenience of paying for parking usage monthly.  Their systems monitor how much time your vehicle is parked in a certain space, and charges accordingly.  The hassle of searching for coins and the worry of a parking ticket is over.

In Chicago, where parking violations are enforced by an army of Chicago Revenue “officers”, this is particularly useful.  Also, with it currently being winter in Chicago, not having to walk to an from pay boxes in the snow in during this bitter cold would be unbelievable!

As the world approaches having over two billion parking spaces, and has to deal with the environmental, political, and economic consequences of this, Grush Hour offers interesting perspectives and solutions.

2 responses to “Grush Hour A Refreshing Perspective on Congestion Management”

  1. Barry Avatar

    Mr. Grush – this is a great service to us all, thank you.

  2. Bern Grush Avatar

    I am flattered, I stumbled on this blog, looking for this:

    If you like Grushhour, here are longer pieces:

    If you hate parking payments as they are now in Chicago and would rather have the nuisance removed from your day, write to Laz Parking who manages it. There are advantages for your AND Lazlo.

    If you are not in Chicago, tell your city council. (This is for responsible people who understand parking must be paid, but hate the way the money is collected and cars are ticketed and clamped.) I do NOT dislike cars, I just want to be left along with the tickets already.

    Write to me directly and I will craft a blog to reply to all of them.