How To Save Gas While Driving

In an era of shrinking budgets and dwindling resources, everyone who drives an automobile is interested in saving gasoline. Folks often scour their city for the cheapest price, hoping to save a few dollars on filling up their tank. While shopping for the best price is certainly a wise move provided that you don’t have to drive too far to find it, your dollar can be stretched much further by utilizing some driving techniques that slow down the burning of your precious gasoline. Here a five tips to keep in mind.

5. Use Cruise Control

Nearly every automobile ever made gets optimum usage out of its gasoline while driving on the highway. Maintaining a consistent speed along a straight path will put your car in a position to get nearly double the miles-per-gallon it will achieve while in stop and go driving.

4. No Drive-Thrus

Automobiles with large engines can burn up to a half gallon of gas while a driver waits in a long line for a few late-night cheeseburgers. By parking the rig in the lot and walking inside to place your order, you can save enough money to justify another cheeseburger.

3. Inflate Your Tires

While on the campaign trail in 2008, Barack Obama highlighted the importance of properly-inflated tires in the maximization of fuel efficiency. Rival John McCain reacted by criticizing the candidate’s stance on a number of other issues before closing the barrage by saying, “But he’s right that properly inflating your tires is a good idea.”

2. Keep Your Trunk Empty

Unless you are a mob hit man, the trunk of your car should free of heavy objects at all times. Millions of folks that didn’t have time to unpack their ice chests or their golf clubs are carrying around a passenger that is unable to contribute to the gas fund.

1. Accelerate Slowly

Hammering the gas pedal coming out of a turn or a red light is an easy way to spend money much more quickly than you need to and identify yourself as someone who may not have completed high school.

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