Northalsted Market Days Parking

Parking at Northalsted Market Days Boystown

August 13th to August 14th over 100,000 people will attend Northalsted Market Days in Boystown.  This is the largest two day street fair in the entire Midwest!  While many enjoy attending, nobody enjoys looking for a parking space.  Parking is a huge pain.  Streets are blocked off.  The neighborhood streets and surrounding areas have people an cars pouring through them making it nearly impossible to find a parking space.

Reserve Parking Through Spot Hero

You can reserve your parking spot ahead of time through Spot Hero.  We have parking for both dates:

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For more information please call 312-566-7768

If you are interested in finding parking for Northalsted Market Days, please check out the parking spots that are available for the festival on the respective days.  Spot Hero is here to help!

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  1. […] spots for Northalsted Market Days are available from 10am to 11pm, but there are some where you can park overnight until 6am! […]