Chicago is #1 for Worst Traffic

Holy Cow!  Chicago is #1 in road congestion in the United States… You don’t say?! The Urban Mobility Report found that Chicagoans waste 70 an additional hours a year sitting in traffic.  Those working a 40 hour per week corporate job, that is an additional 9 work days (almost 2 weeks!) you spend stuck in […]

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Parking Meter Enforcement Resumes – 2/8 @ 9AM

Have you noticed recently that parking enforcement officials have been few and far between?  If you haven’t realized yet, the city took almost a week long hiatus from parking ticket enforcement during the week of the great Chicago blizzard.  Unfortunately money talks in this world and enforcement of meters resumed today at 9am throughout the […]

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Chicago Parking Meters’ Rates Rise 2011

Two years ago metered street parking in the Loop, was $3 per hour and as little as 25 cents an hour for some neighborhoods.  The recent increases make street parking in the loop $5 an hour.  There are three zones for Chicago parking meters. These are the new rates Zone 1 – Chicago Loop -$5 […]

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Guide for Purchasing Chicago City Stickers and Parking Permits

Chicago residential parking can be a ‘sticky’ situation.   In late 2010, the City of Chicago decided to end their contract with SecureMark Decal Company despite having 4 years remaining on their existing contract.  The reason, over 77,000 defective residential parking permits that didn’t stick. If you are one of the people who have come across […]

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Grush Hour A Refreshing Perspective on Congestion Management

Grush Hour is a parking blog written by Ben Grush Founder of Skymeter Corp.  They offer an interesting parking service which allows for the convenience of paying for parking usage monthly.  Their systems monitor how much time your vehicle is parked in a certain space, and charges accordingly.  The hassle of searching for coins and […]

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Is the Chicago Parking Meter Rate Increase a Good Thing?

Chicago’s recent parking meter rise makes them the highest in the nation.  There have been thousands of complaint tweets on twitter.  There’s been moans and groans, and I’ve been guilty of both!  It sucks to have to pay more for parking.  It’s more than annoying, and with the deal the city received it can be […]

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Chicago Parking Tickets = Mucho Revenue

It’s not “Chicago Parking Enforcement”, It’s “Chicago Revenue”.  They don’t even try and hide it!