Celebrate, Don’t Stress: The SpotHero Parade of Holiday Prep!

Don’t let the holidays overwhelm you—SpotHero’s Parade of Holiday Prep is coming! Check out the parade route below and have SpotHero help turn your to-do list into a to-done list.

The parade is arriving at the starting line, just off of:

Holiday Prep Highway!

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s common to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. Don’t get so overwhelmed by your agenda that you lose the holly jolly spirit! Before the holiday season is in full swing, take some time to add upcoming tasks to your calendar. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, make a special holiday calendar—personally, we love a special calendar. Add your various pageants, parties, and outings, and budget time for things like grocery and gift shopping. Breaking down your to-do list this way can help ease the stress so you can “sleigh” this season!

Stay tuned. Holiday Prep Parade is making a right onto…

Party Parkway! 

Carols and cocktails and canapes, oh my! Perhaps you’re heading out to your office party, your best pal’s annual shindig, or maybe you’re hitting a local festival. Whatever you’re up to, go in prepared! Before heading out, check directions and traffic reports; it may be more convenient to take public transit rather than drive. Double-check party invites to ensure you’re not missing a party theme or present—there’s nothing worse than showing up to an ugly sweater party sweater-less! 

Looking for more holiday fun? Check out our holiday event guides, and don’t forget to reserve parking with SpotHero for all your gatherings!

Follow along as the Holiday Prep Parade makes a left onto… 

Travel Terrace! 

Taking to the friendly skies this year? The best way to conquer the airport mayhem is to come prepared. Check the airport website for best practices ahead of your visit, as well as tips for airport parking, pickup, and dropoff. Many airports also have social media feeds to advise visitors of traffic, closures, and which lots have open spots! If you are in charge of picking someone up from the airport check out our airport pickup guide for the proper etiquette. 

Driving instead of flying? Check out our road trip packing guide for some must-pack items.

Pit Stop at Delivery Detour!  The fast lane to last-minute shopping

There’s nothing worse than checking your list twice only to realize something is missing! Give yourself some grace throughout the flurry of the holidays, and as you dash to the store, let SpotHero handle the parking so you can focus on the presents

Struggling with your list? Check out our car gift guide for some inspiration.

Last stop! Holiday Prep Parade is heading to the…

End of Year Exit

For all your parade stops, SpotHero can help you get everywhere, easier. Happy holidays, and happy parking!