Pitfalls of the Current Parking System in Wrigleyville

Prepay for Wrigleyville Parking before you get to the game.

I recently came across one of the funniest videos I have ever seen which comically details the pitfalls of the way parking is currently done for cubs games at Wrigley Field.

Please see the video done by WGN’s Pat Tomasulo from the Patdown below:

Wrigleyville parking situation is a laughing matter

“These people turn Wrigleyville into a third world country, they wave at you, dart in front of your car, shout things in your window”

Pat fake sells parking spots while holding up a sign for $5 parking (which is 20 to 35 dollars cheaper than everyone else) he states,

“8 blocks up on the left see the big do not enter sign..”

“It’s going to be a two car garage ask for Jumbo…”

“My cousin Vito he’s a big guy…”

“Tell them Joe Fig sent you, he’s gonna use a screwdriver to jimmy it open, don’t…”

“The windows are smashed in, but that’s just normal wear and tear”

While searching for parking:

“Listen I understand the value of good parking, but before I leave my vehicle with a complete stranger who may or may not have any legal right to the space they’re selling, I ask a few questions first”

When asking questions:

Pat: “What’s your name?”

Parking spot seller: “I’m sorry that’s information we can’t give out”.

Pat (sarcastically): “That does make sense, I mean if I’m going to leave a $25,000 vehicle with you, I shouldn’t know anything about you”.

Concerns with parking at Wrigley

  • There is no way to verify the person you’re paying cash to even has the right to rent out that spot
  • You don’t know the seller of the parking space so you have no recourse
  • Anybody can fake ownership of a spot by making a sign to collect a quick buck
  • Parking sellers jump in front of your car and create distractions which can be dangerous to drivers and pedestrians

With so many unknowns, parking can be a serious problem, but if you’re headed to a cubs game you have to park.  SpotHero offers a legitimate marketplace for sellers to list their spots, and for cubs fans to purchase their parking ahead of time.

SpotHero solves these wrigleyville parking issues by:

  • Allowing you to prepay for your parking before the game
  • Know exactly where you are going to park before you even get there
  • Having a third party verify the identity of the parking spot owner
  • If a fake spot is sold, you have recourse through the SpotHero guarantee

Parking in Wrigleyville can be a pain, but SpotHero is here to help!  Prepay and reserve your parking for the next Cubs Game!

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