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This tweet came across the feed today.  This couldn’t show better what is wrong with the current way parking spots are sold at Wrigley Field.  Currently, Aaron has to stand on a street corner holding a sign in the cold rain to sell his parking spot for cubs games.  Wrigley Field Parking can be such a pain.   The game did end up getting rained out, but many people went outside in the freezing cold to try and sell their parking spot.

  • What if you could sell your parking spot and not have to wait in the rain?
  • What if you could set your cubs game day parking schedule for the season and know ahead of time if someone was coming?
  • What if someone could reserve your parking spot ahead of time?

They can.  They can use SpotHero to sell Wrigley parking.  SpotHero allows you to list your parking spot availability so people can prepay for your parking ahead of time.  It’s free to list and we only take a commission when your spot sells.  Questions?  Comments?  Please feel free to contact spothero here. We’d love to hear from you.

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