Airport Parking vs Ride Share: What's the better deal?

Airport Parking vs. Ride-Sharing: Which One is Right For You?

Heading to the airport? You have plenty of options to get there – public transit, driving, ridesharing, taking a shuttle – you name it. But which one should you choose? Got lots of luggage? Kids in tow? The most efficient and cost-effective option isn’t always what you think. And, you might be surprised about how […]

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SpotHero Expands To White Plains, NY

Parking in White Plains, New York could soon be harder to find. Many New Yorkers are wondering where to find affordable residential alternatives to Manhattan and Brooklyn, where rental prices continue to skyrocket. The city of White Plains wants to be that answer. SpotHero recently expanded to White Plains in anticipation of a higher demand for parking. Rates start […]

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Stop Wasting Time Searching for Parking.
Park Smarter.

If you’ve reserved parking with SpotHero before, we don’t need to tell you that parking the old-fashioned way isn’t very efficient. But just how big of a difference does SpotHero make in the way you live your life? Well, as it turns out: pretty big.   The average American driver wastes 17 hours every year […]

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