Capital Pride Road Closures

Blue  = Parade Route Red = Road Closures For more information on your ride to Capital pride, swing by our Capital Pride Parade Guide to get tips on options for where to stay, where to park, and links to all the great activities!


Washington DC Capital Pride Guide

There’s something so magical about hundreds of thousands of people unified in one place, celebrating life, love, and happiness. Joyous spectators cheer in unison as vibrant colored floats pass by, filled with charismatic people waving eagerly back at the crowd. Top dance hits blare as strangers become friends, laughing and dancing with one another. Washington […]

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TRP Benefits for Commuters

We’ve all heard the saying, “You have to spend money to make money.” That’s especially true when you’re paying for transportation to and from work. Lucky for us, the U.S. State and Federal government recognized this notion. They began a commuter benefits program in which employers are able to offer tax-free commuter benefits to employees. […]

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wrigley field home of the cubs

How to See the Cubs for 60% Off

Go Cubbies Go! Wrigley Field is the 3rd most expensive in the nation. $86 per person per game is steep. But don’t stress, we’ve got game day tips that will save you major $$$. The Ballpark Wrigley Field is a must-see for all baseball fans. Also known as “The Friendly Confines,” the ballpark was built […]

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