avoid chicago parking ticket

The Best Tricks to Avoid Parking Tickets in the City

Parking in the city can be a tricky thing with the number of rules and regulations in place. On top of that, no one wants to get a parking ticket, so it’s important to know the rules of the road and the lot. We’ve outlined some tricks and tips for parking in the city and […]

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Don’t Park Here: 5 Hilarious Parking Ticket Stories

Hilarious Parking Ticket Stories Just about every motorists have walked out to their car only to find that a ticket has been stealthily placed on their windshield. Getting a parking ticket is an experience that can really get under your skin and cause a downward spiral of your entire day. It can also be very […]

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SpotHero could have saved UNC football players $7200

Over the past three years a group of UNC football players has amassed $13,125 in parking citations. Thats right, $13,125, which equals 13,125 packs of skittles, 130,125 packs of ramen, and 260,250 pieces of bazooka gum. Wow, some pretty depressing numbers there. If only they had known about SpotHero, where you can make parking reservations […]

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